Friday, November 23, 2012

Still Life

All those who know me, would describe me as an abstract artist, and even I consider myself as such. Yet there is some magic and satisfaction in knowing you have the technical skills to achieve photo-realistic painting.
To improve my skills in what I'm passionate about, I often do things that are outside my comfort zone, to conquer them and pull something unique out of them and apply it to my art practice.
As part of a class assignment, I had to paint a still life with three objects in them, one in normal colors, the other in analogues color scheme.
The part that I enjoyed the most, was staging the scene. I enjoyed it so much that I created another account on DeviantArt dedicated to stock images, mostly still lifes that I'll create.
~SanStock - my stock images.
They are free to use, the only thing I ask in return is to contact me in anyway you choose and link me the piece that you created, so I can feature them.. if you want to!

Enjoy ^^

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