Monday, October 29, 2012

Time Capsule - Art Journal

      My art journal of 21 pages – 21 days.
A project I started a while ago, I promised myself that I'll create an image every day, which will convey in my own way, the mood/event/emotions/thoughts I had that day.

I noticed that very often when I look at my paintings, I enter the same state of mind I was in when I was painting it. I remember the music or the movie played in the background, sometimes I could even remember the emotions I had at the time, without even trying to make them show in the painting.
I always wanted to document events of my life, and tried to do so many times... but, words are just not really my thing. It is hard for me to concentrate and deliver a text that would have the same chaotic amazingness that is going on in my mind. Plus the whole reading of all I have written afterwards, seemed more like a chore than something I would enjoy revisiting...

Being a visual person, I rely heavily on my visual memory... Painting a documentary journal was the perfect solution for me. Each day I had to invest hours of my time, to sit, relax and focus all my feelings, thoughts and energy into a piece of paper. To strengthen the visual capsulated element of my day, I scribbled words onto the image. Saying it in my head but not trying to make it readable, so that my privacy and secrecy will stay untouched.

The purpose of this journal proved itself to be successful, when I noticed a smudge of color on one of the pages. When I was fixing it, I got shocked with an image, a conversation.. At first I couldn't understand where it was coming from and then I remembered, It was a scene in the movie that I was watching while painting that exact spot.

Reasons why I made this journal:
- I wanted to document daily events of my life.
- Needed to address the issue of commitment and procrastination that I'm struggling with.
- Wanted to have a reason to do something creative every day.

Problems I encountered:
- Time was an issue; I was under pressure from work load of other projects.
- Sometimes it was hard to create an abstract image to convey an event.

- It really got me thinking about meaning of color, both universal and personal.
- I created a personal language to express myself with.
- Half way through I did manage to break my lazy self to fit the commitment of doing something each day.
- Seeing the finished journal is very rewarding, I feel like I have done something meaningful.

Full images can be found at Art Journal 


  1. I just discovered your blog and I am totally in love with your art journal work! From the way you invision your thoughts and emotions to the way you date your pages - it's wonderful!

  2. Wonderful project! Such a beautiful, creative way to express emotions.