Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limits that push you forward

Each and every one of us has that little something that we really love doing. We love doing that one special thing so much that we can do it all the time, until; we reach the point where we can't stand it. In my art practice I've reached those points many times. In most cases it was because of my passion towards it and the fact that I tend to overdo things.

In this post I want to talk about a similar case. For the longest time, I painted in what I like to call “rainbow explosion”. The reason for it was directly connected to my need for more colors in my life at the time. The repeated use of the colors made me feel stuck; I avoided “dirty” colors because they didn't have enough contrast for me. At the same time, I adored paintings with calm colors, browns and greens, but was unable to create them myself. Even when I told myself that I wanted my painting to be in dirty colors, I ended up covering it with brighter colors.

The project, “3 colors +” was my way to get away from the norms I had created. It started with me grabbing three random paint bottles and messing around with them on a piece of paper. Then I made another one and then I thought it might be interesting to ask someone else to pick them for me, so I asked my boyfriend to name three different colors. That was the beginning of the project. The compositions were easy, and for this project they weren't that important. The main idea was to color it with only three colors, plus black and white, and make it visually pleasing. I made few more with my choice of random mixed colors, others were suggested by my friends and family. I struggled with the paintings where someone else made the color selection, but it pushed me to work harder on them, knowing someone took the time to think of them just for me. There was just no way for me to face myself if I wouldn't complete it.

I was limited by 3 colors, but in many ways it freed me, and the same idea can be applied to many other art fields.

More information and larger images can be found at 3 Colors +

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