Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let your work rest

We all have surge of inspiration or just desire to create sometimes, many pieces are created easily, without any problems or delays... but, some pieces just don't work. At the point when we feel frustrated, it can be very beneficial to just leave it alone for a while.

Few days ago I was going through some of my old practice paintings that I've done about half a year ago. It was easy to see how my style changed since then and I got many ideas on how I can change them, make them better.

Even thought it looks completely different, I did preserve some of the elements I liked in the under layers.
Sometimes I also look at my painting as I'm working on it, in my eyes it's not finished, but I simply don't know what else can I do to it. I had few pieces that I left for a while, and was working on them through out a long period of time, a touch here, and a touch there... Now, those paintings became my favorites.

When nothing works... painting over it and reusing it is also a great idea!

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  1. OK, now this I see! The end result looks so much more polished than the practice paintings. I think I'm starting to understand your layering process now.