Monday, September 16, 2013

First Stage Frustration

I noticed many people go through a frustrating confusion at the first stages of creating something.. No matter what the subject matter is, there is always something that isn't perfect.

But remember, good things don't come easy! Stick around and see what it can grow into.

This is mostly true for artists that work in a similar way like I do... I dive into the piece with no clear direction to see what will happen. I love struggling through the visuals till I get it all solved to the point that I find it complete.
It might sound like a cliche, but my paintings are a journey for me. I paint for the process of it, not so much for the end result.

I have my moments when nothing works, pushing through it sometimes makes it even worse... but unless I give up, at the end it is all worth it.

Here is an example of my painting “Oasis of Serenity” that is now displayed at UGM's Rotating Gallery. My only clear direction was that I wanted to make something both calm and uplifting.

1st photo was just to point out the texture that I had to work with.
2nd photo is when I got the feeling that I have no idea where I'm going with it.
3rd photo I found the color that seems fitting and the rest went as smooth as butter.
4th photo is the end result.

My advice is not to treat your piece as something precious, it is ok to fail. If you learned anything from it – it was worth it. Mistakes can turn into something amazing!
It is hard at first, just don't ever give up!


  1. Truly beautiful and uplifting. Your words are very wise, I shall following this direction! thank you for sharing your work. I will come back to read back posts. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, see, I like this work in every step you photographed, and I doubt I would have had the courage to press on. LOL