Friday, October 25, 2013

Artistic Block

A couple of days ago I was asked “What do you do when you're blocked? “ as one of the questions I had to answer for the upcoming book "A World of Artist Journal Pages" for which my art journal was chosen to be featured in.

It really got me thinking of what a block is and analyze my reaction to it and the end results.
I must say, I gained a whole new perspective on the matter!

It is important to note that this approach won't be as effective for everyone.. but as a professional artist, I just can't afford to sit doing nothing and dwell in it. Keep in mind, there is a difference between artistic block and a need to take a break for what ever reason.

Artistic block for me usually starts as lack of desire to do anything.. then morphs into more of a hunger to do something but not knowing what.. and ends with me doing something interesting and new!
I came to the conclusion that it is a very important part in artistic growth. It symbolizes the fact that I'm bored with what I'm doing and that it's time to move on and open a new page. Growth doesn't always come easy, just need to persevere.

Most of the time I just do what I want to do.. and not that much of what I need to do - practice! The trick is to take that moment of frustration and force yourself to do something.. anything!
Waiting for the block to just go away, sadly isn't that effective and it can take ages while your skills slowly begin to rust.. You need to take control and get rid of it!

Here are a few things that you can do:
  • Try new style
  • Try new medium
  • Try new tools
  • Make lists of interesting things you want to try and when you are blocked, start checking those things off.
  • Copy something that you like
  • Think outside of the box – paint the music/sound/smell/weather..
  • Take an art class – You'll have a personal commitment to do the assignments and you'll be surrounded by other creative and inspirational artists.

Artistic block is natural and happens to everyone, it is okay and by no means a reason to get stressed over.

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