Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bird Pactice - Pencil Drawing

Working on this piece, made me remember just how much I loved drawing and realize how much I missed it.
Overall it was a very fun process that I really enjoyed.
Pencil drawings have this almost instant satisfaction effect since as soon as you finish working on a small area, like the eye or the beak for example, it's already visible how good it looks, while as with most painting techniques, that feeling only comes at the end.
So as I was adding each of the feathers, it already looked good and kept getting better.
I made the background a little more abstract looking because I just enjoyed it too much and got carried away, in retrospect it would've been a lot better of a practice to do the background a lot smoother and more similar looking to the photo reference.

Time: Around 3 hours
Fun level: 9/10
Difficulty level: 5/10
Success level: 7/10

I would give it 10/10 in fun, but I reduced a point because of the background, I assume that if I had to make it better blended and realistic, it would take more time and not as fun.
Difficulty level at 5 because I found it rather easy, once you get enough control over the marks you can make, it becomes pretty simple. It was all done with one simple mechanic 2B 0.7mm pencil.
I gave myself a pretty high success score because I didn't smudge anything and I have loose and free lines here and there that keep the drawing interesting looking, I took 3 points away for the background.

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