Friday, June 26, 2015

Bird Practice - Colored Pencils Drawing

I have pretty cheap colored pencils so it could look better with higher quality pencils. I couldn't get the colors to be as bright as I wanted.
I personally didn't enjoy this drawing as much, it's not a very forgiving medium, hard to erase.
I enjoy mixing colors, and with colored pencils it's better to pick the closest color pencil to what you need because they don't blend as well as paint does.

Time: less than 2 hours.
Fun level: 5/10
Difficulty level: 7/10
Success level: 6/10

It wasn't one of my favorite practice pieces, but I definitely didn't hate it. I found it kind of tedious to look for that pencil that had the color I needed.
I rated the difficulty level at pretty high because there is very little room for mistakes.
Overall I think I did an okay job considering what I had to work with.

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