Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bird Practice - Acrylic Painting

I used the craft quality acrylics because they are more opaque, more liquid, less glossy and I find them easier to work with.
I started with the background and it wasn't too hard to get smooth blending effect, but it had to be done quick while the paint is still wet.
I enjoyed working on the bird itself but I couldn't get the feather detail that I wanted because the painting is really small.
This painting was also supposed to be photorealistic looking. As I said before (on the oil painting post), I think it would be best to leave that look to the actual photos, but it is rewarding to know I can create something that looks so similar to a photo.
I prefer the acrylic medium over other mediums because it dries fast and it's easy to repaint and fix mistakes.

Time: 2 hours
Fun level: 8/10
Difficulty level: 8/10
Success level: 9/10

I liked that it didn't take a lot of time and I got really used to painting fast, so the no waiting time for it to dry is a plus in my book.
I was engaged with working on this painting for the full 2 hours and I enjoyed that.
I gave it a high difficulty score because for many people, the fast pace is a problem and getting close to photorealism does require a lot of skill and practice.
I gave myself a high score because I really like the end result, subtracted 1 because the grey feathers could look better.

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